Thinking Outside of the Two-Party Box: “Throw Your Vote Away” for Representation

The only thing to fear is fear itself. To hold back in your goals for fear of rejection, or fear that you are not strong enough to conquer them is to question yourself and the convictions of your argument. Fear creates hate. Fear creates mediocrity. Fear is a cage that holds people safe, but a prison of safety is only a prison. No person is free without risk.

In current politics, we see a group cowering, pretending to be strong by being pragmatic. They claim to want change but are afraid of fighting for it. And they let their chosen leader wrap them in secure words while pandering to the establishment and “playing the game.”

But be weary of those who play the game, rather than fighting the fight. The game is antics and requires compromise, but the fight is the only way to win. Those that play the game, often are part of it and are playing those they convince to follow.

We don’t have leaders in this country. That is what makes us strong. We have representatives. We must demand that they represent us, rather than play us. We must demand they fight for us, rather than play games.

The things we want are not “games,” they are what we want and we must demand them.

Too many of us are supporting candidates this election just to stop another candidate from winning. We are giving in and playing where we should be rising to fight for what we want. There are other options…and they may represent us if we give them a chance.

Remember that this isn’t a game…this is our country, and we need change, not rhetoric. Don’t let any “follower” convince you that you shouldn’t be represented. They are too busy looking for leaders.

Vote Jill Stein if you feel she represents you. Vote Gary Johnson if you feel he represents you. Just stop playing the game. It isn’t fun and it isn’t getting anybody anywhere.

If enough of us actually voted for who we felt represented us and stopped falling in line to vote for the lesser of two evils game we will start to get people in power who actually represent us.

That is all.

Sam Cook


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